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Expert Introduction: How To Choose Disposable Masks

Mar. 23, 2021

With reports of new coronavirus variants all over the world, wearing a mask is more important than ever. When you may have a large number of fabric masks in your home, concerns about "dual masks" may turn your attention to Disposable Masks. Just like cloth masks, there are so many disposable masks on the market that it is difficult to determine which mask is best for you.

Medical-grade masks should still be reserved for front-line workers. Non-medical-grade disposable masks can reduce the spread of droplets and slow down the spread of the new coronavirus.

Do you like the feel of disposable masks or you need a mask that can be changed frequently? We consulted with experts on what aspects you should pay attention to when choosing a mask.

Disposable Masks

Disposable Masks

How to choose a disposable mask

Any mask you choose should be well constructed. It should be able to effectively prevent particles from escaping from the mask, and at the same time, to a certain extent, protect you from the droplets of others.

"With the emerging Covid-19 strains and variants, we see in real time that they are more likely to spread from person to person," Stephen Ferrara, associate dean of clinical affairs at Columbia College of Nursing, told Shop today. "The message should be, don't just wear any masks, but wear high-quality masks."

"People who wear masks are protecting others from their own harm, and vice versa, so I cannot emphasize the importance of masks too much," Ferrara added.

Fabric masks and disposable masks are of different constructions, but the overall quality looking for is the same when choosing either one. As with cloth masks, the more layers the better. When it comes to the actual construction of the mask, there is an easy way to determine how many layers there are in a one-time mask.

Walid Javid, MD, director of infection prevention and control at the Mount Sinai Center, told Shop TODAY: "This mask should be wearable, it should be breathable, and it should have several layers, two to three layers." For most man-made masks, this may be a little difficult, but you can rub several layers of masks together to see how much there is."

How long can I wear disposable masks?

If you use a mask occasionally, you may extend the use time. Of course, this depends on how long you wear the mask, whether you have performed strenuous activities while wearing the mask, and whether the mask is exposed to a humid environment.

Richard Martinello, MD, associate professor of medicine (infectious diseases) and pediatrics at Yale School of Medicine, told Shop TODAY: “If you wear it for exercise, or wear it all day, I think it’s time to take it off at the end of the day. "But if someone works in a private office, or they are a student, they stay in their room all day long, without a mask, but just wear a mask regularly, this kind of mask may actually still be suitable for them to wear for a longer period of time. "

However, if you often feel moisture on the mask or sneeze inside the mask, the best thing to do is to replace it with another disposable mask.

What is the difference between disposable masks and medical masks?

Many terms about masks are circulating, but deciphering their meaning can be tricky. To figure out the purpose of the mask, the key is to pay attention to the label of the mask.

Martinello said: "You can imagine that in the Venn diagram, we have'face covering', which is just a broad term, you know, from headscarves to Medical Masks and respirators." "In addition,'medical masks' 'Is a mask developed for use in a health care environment.'Surgical masks' are a subset of them, and their real feature is that they have fluid resistance characteristics."

No matter what kind of mask you are using, the most important thing is to wear it correctly, which means it is close to your nose and mouth.

Martinello said: “For a mask to work, the most important thing is to maintain a good sitting posture.” “Some people may have a mask with a powerful filtering function, but if the mask is not suitable for them, then it cannot provide what they need. Source code control; it contains individual respiratory droplets, which may not protect the individual as they wish."

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